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Hello, I'm Anshika!

Product Designer and Researcher. Architect. Tea Enthusiast. 

With over three years of experience in the design industry,  that satisfy user needs, I specialize in blending human-centered design and accessibility to drive successful outcomes. My background in architecture gives me a unique perspective on creating intuitive and seamless experiences that align user needs with business goals.

Currently studying Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Maryland, College Park - Class of '24 

Actively looking for Summer Internships for 2023


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In the future we run out of things to sell, so we're selling Monuments. The Monumental App allows you to buy, sell and trade equity in your favorite built structure.

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Phone-based Storytelling

Dylan uses Monumental and apps designed by my team. We look at a day in Dylan's life as he experiences drama while using our applications.


Amazon as a Card Game

What if was a board game? Extracting the essence of the website to create a card game that gamifies the experience even further!


Evaluating SHIEN for Accessibility as per WCAG 2.1

Manual and Automated Accesssibility Testing of a website using several evaluation tools. 


Testing Ticketmaster for Usability

Usability Testing of a website using heuristic evaluation and user interviews as methods of testing.

.. and more to come!

Spatial Design


Sensory Garden and Educational Facilities for Children with Autism and Cerebral Palsy

A sensory garden to improve inclusivity and sensory integration for students with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and learning disabilities through a holistic design approach


Vision Sitabuldi - Tactical Nudging to Program a Streetscape in Nagpur

Transforming Sitabuldi Market into a dynamic, inclusive shopping and cultural destination using Tactical Urbanism Measures

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