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Monumental - A mobile application to buy, trade and sell stakes in your favourite building


User Experience Design


UX Designer
UI Designer
Video Editor


App designed by Me.

It lives a universe shared with Aadba Rasheed, Utkarsh Chhadva, and Philip Thompkins


Premiere Pro

Pen and Paper


Five Weeks

1. The Prompt

1.1. The Prompt - As generated by 'A thing for the future'

A thing from the future.PNG

1.2. Storyline

In the future, humanity has run out of things to  buy  to  grow their personal wealth. We've done cryptocurrency and NFTs. What's next?
As a new avenue for getting rich, people are now staking claims on everything they consider a Monument - buildings, ponds, roads - anything.

And the thrill of claiming the world is quite entertaining!
Monumental is an application that facilitates buying, selling, and trading of stakes in your favorite
real-world Monuments.

1.3. Design Solution

Providing Definition

1.3. Target Audience

18-22 yrs old
Students who are new to investing who are keen to learn more - and probably make a quick buck
23-35 yrs old
Slightly experienced investors. Don't mind investing in a new asset class

1.3. User Personas

The primary personas apply to Monumental and the other applications in my group. My group and I ideated upon a common persona - Dylan, who is using all four applications on his phone, along with Janet, who is his supportive friend who also uses these applications.


To approach the problem, I used FigJam to brainstorm and write down ideas for the application. The ideas could be a feature, an idea, a concept, or an emotion. This was done to kickstart the design process.

Application Features

Primary Features
Buy and sell Monument assets across the world. Leave your imprint on places unknown
Click pictures of your monument and find its value
Explore several categories and trending monuments to get the best deals
Keep track of your earnings through 'My Wallet'
Secondary Features
Leaderboard that allows you to compete with other investors across the world
Earn Badges and points with each purchase
Become friends with people on the leaderboard to keep track of their progress.
Keep track of your winnings through 'My Vault'

Information Architecture

Information Architecture.png

Ideating upon a solution

Crazy 8s

Eight Minutes. Eight Ideas. 
I played with eight ideas for screens that make up my application. The ideas revolved around purchase, bidding, representation of key data, and making the interface playful
Division of Stakes

The screen visually denotes the share of the monument you’ll own if you choose to buy a certain %.
Division of Stakes

This screen visually denotes the fragmentation of the monument in terms of stake ownership. 
Bidding Screen

The screen shows the bids that have been placed and allows you to place your own

To make the experience more competitive, we'll involve a leaderboard

Displays the price trends for a particular monument, the price per unit.
Personal Inventory

Displays your current balance and badges that you earned by buying stakes.

Displays the currently popular monuments that are being transacted upon.
Rewards Screen

To bring an additional element of gambling, you can spin a wheel to get rewards

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Low-fidelity wireframes allowed me to add structure to the ideas that stem from my Crazy-8s
Paper Wireframes_page-0001.jpg

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

I prototyped a mid-fidelity version of my screens - devoid of color and rounded corners - to strip down the application to its basics and gauge its functionality. 

Design System


The goal was to use colors that complement the fast-paced nature of trading assets on Monumental. The stark contrast between the green and grey stands helps in putting the spotlight on important elements.
The Greens aim to achieve a futuristic, 'The Matrix'-like feel.


Legible, geometrical fonts are used to bring a Formal look. 
The logo had to be static and sculptural and Saira Stencil One achieves just that. 
Typography_page-0001 (2).jpg

Component Library

Design System_page-0001.jpg

Explore the App

The Application

Launch Screen
Monumental Screens_Page_01.png
Log-in Screen
Monumental Screens_Page_02.png
Home Screen
Monumental Screens_Page_03.png
Monument List
Product Screen
Purchase Confirmation
Monumental Screens_Page_04.png
Monumental Screens_Page_05.png
Monumental Screens_Page_06.png
Monumental Screens_Page_09.png
Monumental Screens_Page_08.png
Monumental Screens_Page_10.png


What I learnt

Since this was my first ever UX project, I was compelled to pay attention to applications I use daily, and imbibe the details I notice in them. Because I know very little about equity and cryptocurrency markets, I conversed with regular users of such apps to understand various processes. It taught me to use established design patterns into my application.  

Future Work

Due to curriculum constraints, this project involved very less interaction with identified users to gauge aspirations. The personas created were hypothetical, as the brief was the same. Future work will involve  user interviews and market analysis to consolidate the design research, and usability testing and heuristic evaluations to further refine our design. 
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