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Tactical Urbanism: Reimagining Sitabuldi Street

@ Sitabuldi Street, Nagpur


Professional Project for The Blank Slate


User Research Analysis, Design Development, Graphics and Content Writing



AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Google SketchUp


2 Months

About the Project

About Sitabuldi Street

Nagpur, the literal heart of the India, is a city of art, culture and oranges! Being a market stretch that has weaved itself into the lives of every Nagpur resident, Sitabuldi Street is the pulse of the city!
Presently, the street is a chaotic one. It’s three elements- the market, user and vehicular mobility try to coexist, yet overpower and hinder each other’s functions.

Our Proposal

Our proposal reimagines Sitabuldi Market as Nagpur’s new shopping and cultural destination that is dynamic and reconfigures itself for various activities throughout the day and week. 
The design interventions aim to untangle Sitabuldi market, users and vehicles by reorganizing existing functions and proposing new multifunctional programming to create a dynamic, vibrant, secure and inclusive shopping street that encourages walking and gathering. An exercise in tactical urbanism, the interventions are low-cost, replicable and easy to execute with a plan to monitor and gauge user feedback for a permanent installation.

Understanding the User - Contextual Research


Design Philosophy - Tactical Nudging to Program a Streetscape


Design Features - Addition of Parks and Plazas

Creating Multifunctional Spaces


From the Drawing Board to the Streets

Expectations Vs. Reality?


This project involved extensive field studies to gauge the functioning of the street. I've never visited the street, so it involved collaborating with a local team to design a solution that would suit the culture of the city and it's people. 

This project taught me multi-city collaboration and depending on a different research team's findings to base my designs on. 
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